DMS555 / ARC571, Reg# 14061 / 21803
Crosby 335, Mon 13:00 - 17:00

This course gives students a media-centric overview of concepts and technologies underlying the Internet of Things (IoT). The course has two separate but related parts. One part is discursive and seeks to position the IoT as a new kind of design challenge, a next step in 'urban design' that knows no national boundaries. We will critically reflect on the big promises made in the rhetoric of the IoT, and consider approaches by which these empty promises, the voids, can be made apparent. In this context we will focus on the IoT as an opportunity for data interventions in the public realm.

The second part addresses some of the important technologies enabling the IoT, including data collection, programming and analysis. Students will be exposed to data acquisition through microprocessors and sensors (Arduino and Raspberry Pi), database programming (PostgreSQL and Python) and server side data management (cloud services). Students will work in teams to conceive an IoT concept and then implement particular aspects of the design as a prototype. Projects presented at the end of the semester are evaluated by their conceptual strength as well as by their implementation details.


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