ART, Reg.#tba, Wed 09:00-12:50

Action cameras constitute a new class of recording devices with yet to be discovered artistic potential. Action cameras have high spatial and temporal resolution, small footprint and robust packaging that allows them to go where other cameras cannot. Due to the ability to capture unique points of view and they are of interest to videographers. Due to their ability to capture copious amounts of data in kinetic situations, they are of interest to machine learning researchers as a new source of high resolution data for activity detection. As a social medium device, action cameras offer unique opportunities for attention seeking self-display, including selfies under frozen lakes, and dogs running off with cameras recording their adventure, amongst others. As surveillance and counter-surveillance devices, action cameras open doors to additional dimensions of unsolicited observation and intrusion. This course will introduce students to action camera culture, the data it generates and social pathologies it enables. Students will work in groups on projects to capture data, manipulate imagery and extract information from the flow of images, including metadata contained in action camera image feeds. The goal of the course is to explore this new medium and detect yet to be coined creative practices from within the experimental engagement.

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