DMS 608 BOH Critical Ambient Intelligence, Reg.#490319, Mon/Wed 15:00-16:00

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) refers to research and development of electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. Born in the technophilic 1990s, AmI is a product of the cybernetics legacy, aspirations towards a technological utopia, and profit-oriented experience industries. These conflicting vectors make AmI both a fad to avoid as well as an opportunity to embrace; a chance to rethink the possibility of technology in both private as well as public spaces. In this seminar we will attempt to map a broad understanding of AmI and to expand the default utilitarian role of information processing technologies. Information control and modification is slated to become a critical design problem within architectural and media arts practices,just as environmental control already has. Readings will range from texts on early cybernetics, robotics, sociological studies of home appliances, and pop-culture, to AmI research applications such as Smart Homes, Ambient Agoras and more.

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