DMS516, Reg.# 22426/22425, Wed 13:00-16:30

This two semester graduate seminar will introduce students to important aspects of the art and science of numerical computing. The goal of the seminar is twofold: One, to understand important principles of numerical representation and two, to explore the procedures and boundaries of numerical representation as a form of creative inquiry.
We will base our investigations on meteorological data sources and events. We will discuss climate, weather physics, sensor systems, transduction principles, data generation and software, data visualization, time series analysis, basic statistics, clustering techniques, correlation tests and other important data analysis methods. A prosumer weather station and open-source weather software will available for experimentation. We will read and discuss environment reportings of various kinds in numerically inclined new media as well as established media, including literature and film, in order to position the imaginary and disruptive potential of numerical data representations and manipulations.
This course will be designed and paced for graduate students without prior exposure to numerical methods and computing. Insights will be applicable to all kinds of data practices, including biological and social media with large data sets. Beginners will be asked to sign up for the full two semester course sequence. Students taking this two semester version may opt for a creative semester project to combine studio/production with analytical skill training.

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