DMS 610 Collective Intelligence, Reg.#061194, Mon/Wed 17:00-18:50

Knowledge collected from large groups is sometimes referred to as collective intelligence. The premise behind the concept of collective intelligence is that groups can know things individuals do not. The knowledge contained and formed in groups (of people, animals, plants and sensors) can be difficult to understand. Today, there is substantial interest in finding ways to harvest such new kinds of shared understanding. Results from internet users, for example, are collected in order to find commonalities and read public sentiment. Sensor network mesh data is mined for signatures of unusual events over time and space.
This course will introduce students to critically considering both the opportunities and pitfalls that arise out of collective data and introduce methods by which we might find meaning in large and diverse sources of information. Collective intelligence is an interdisciplinary area of research with contributions from anthropology, economics, biology, computer science and sociology.

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