DMS 517 BOH Sensing Realities, Reg.#24295, Tu/Thu 09:00-10:30

Myriad collections of sensing systems span the globe today. They generate data that builds a new depiction of the real. This seminar will investigate how such sensing systems produce representations of the real that are useful but ultimately different from lived reality.
The first part of the semester will concentrate on the 'making' of data; the processes by which sensors 'sense', computers process and store, and people read and interpret information. We will investigate these principles in the design of state of the art sensing systems. The second part of the semester will concentrate on sensor networks. Through case studies of ubiquitous networks and their topologies in the monitoring of air, water, weather, wildlife and traffic we will attempt to understand how 'life' is captured and represented in networks. We will analyze and interpret the data representations these sensing systems produce, and how semantic gaps and the 'artificial real' relate to the experience in and engagement with the physical world. What do sensors not tell us that we need to know? How do the dynamics and politics of sensor networks alter the care of the commons?


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