The Well-Behaved Robot

DMS 486 Well-Behaved Robot
Reg.#24061, Tue/Thurs 11:00 - 12:30

This undergraduate seminar will offer an introduction to robot ethics. We will consider the recent history of robotics and the long history of ethics to ask the how synthetic intelligent systems living amongst us should behave in everyday life. In our survey of state of the art robotic systems (social robots, healthcare robots, autonomous vehicles) we will consider the role of ethics from the perspective of the autonomous machine, the system designers and the general public. Our goal will be to understand what is required and what is at stake when one intends to make robots not just behave, but behave well. Students will be asked to investigate a robotic system of their choice and to participate in a group design challenge to create a well-behaved robot based on the insights gained in class.


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