RTS.RESEARCH's inquiry into the public realm asks: Can informatics invigorate the public realm? Technologies conceived for the public realm have radically different requirements than those conceived for individual use. Indeed, the term 'requirement' sets the wrong expectations. The iPhone does not scale to the agora. Differently: How might one imagine information technology infrastructure for cities ? What kind of technical solutions hold promise? How should they be 'arranged' for the people they are meant to serve?

MicroPublicPlaces (MPPs) is an attempt to address this issue in broad terms. MPPs propose a different 'social contract' between technology and society with new approaches to information sharing and knowledge generation via machine learning. They shed light onto the dark side of electronic gadgets (MicroPublicRepairCenter), and offer insights into dimensions beyond sensual perception (MicroPublicChapel).

Airkami combines state of the art biosensing with local ecological knowledge to understand the dynamics of water well contamination in the Terban district in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.