RTS.RESEARCH's inquiry into water asks: Under which conditions can informatics invigorate the care of shared water resources? What kind of assumptions do monitoring systems make about the world? How do new (bio)sensor technologies augment (or not) existing frameworks? Which approaches work best in an emerging economy? How should technical monitoring systems interface with political power structures? And finally:
What could a future DIY water culture taste like?

GlassBottomFloat2 proposes a new metric of beach water quality; one that combines subjective experiences with hard numerical sensor data.

WaterBar crafts mineralized water based on results from a search engine designed to scan the internet for water related information. It creates an antidote to the bad news of the day, and offers it for public consumption.

WaterBank is a water filtering and distribution system that generates clean and fresh water for residents of Terban, Yogyakarta on the island of Java, Indonesia.