CURRENT PROJECTS : With A Robot On The Last Day - Blackwood Gallery, Toronto, 2017
                                                                                      Virtual Futures, London, 2018
With A Robot On The Last Day (ongoing)

With A Robot On The Last Day imagines the future of robot assisted care. The work originates in an attempt to map the current state of robotic care culture with a compilation of research artifacts from Sociology, Philosophy, Engineering, Robotics, Medicine and other fields. With over 350 documents Robots For Last Days offers itself as a reference across disciplines on robot assisted care and robot induced death.

With A Robot On The Last Day begins where scholarship ends.


Patient X
Nurse Karl
Robot Robi
First Technician
Second Technician
A Bird

Patient X is frail and ill. There are no known treatments for his condition. The doctors have prepared him for the worst. Today might the last day of his life. Patient X is in an end of life hospice with some of the most advanced support and care facilities available to the public. Patient X ' s room is located in care unit A. It is nicely appointed. Designerly. Pleasant. There is a window facing onto a garden with large trees. Midday sunlight radiates into the room.

Nurse Karl, chief custodian of the care unit A, enters the room...